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My heart is so excited to announce that I have been invited back to South Africa from January 29th to April 27th!

As a young girl, the Lord told me my calling: to go around the world preaching His gospel and sharing His love. My prayer since then has been to walk wherever He directs me wholeheartedly. Being home has been so sweet, but I know that God is calling me back to advance in Community Outreach! That means: 

  • Encouraging and leading short term missionary trips, sharing my faith along with praying for healing in door to door minstry and other types of area outreach.
  • Serving as an assistant to teachers while visiting and ministering to impact kids families in the communities. 
  • Taking different types of culture and missionary courses to study the essentials for life as a missionary!

I am so excited to GO BACK to South Africa and see how much DEEPER Christ longs to take me. I believe God is leading me head first into His endless ocean, and in that ocean, miracles happen. IN THAT OCEAN, hearts of stone melt, blind eyes see, those lost become found, spiritual gifts are discovered, and the Kingdom of God advances. Last semester I was able to experience MANY healings, salvations, and break throughs. He gave me prophetic dreams of houses and people I'd soon encounter, confidence in His grace, and a new understanding of who He is! I am believing that SO MUCH MORE is soon to happen. 

With that being said, I've been invited to go back for a three month program. The program will cost $5,000 and will cover housing, food, flights, and other necessary costs! I know God isn't calling me to swim in this ocean alone! If YOU want to go DEEPER with me and be apart of this move of Christ, I pray you dive in right now! I can't do this alone, nor am I called to do it without you. Your prayers, encouragement, and financial support MATTER! This is where the wonders are discovered - with you by my side!

* Due to the past 3 month program, amount adjustment is allocated to previous funding. Additional funding for my next 3 month program is included in the total funding amount *

ABOUT The Program

The Missions Experience Program is a 3, 6 or 12 month internship designed to provide the education and real-life experience that is necessary to discover your calling, develop your gifts, and deploy your God-given vision.

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