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Jonathan Franzen IMEJF1906
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Hey guys!


I’ve been in South Africa for almost 6 months now and I am thoroughly impressed with this internship.  It is has been exceeding all expectations. This internship is helping to develop me into the person that I believe that God wants me to be.  Overall, I feel a huge confirmation in my heart that I made the right decision. While I believe that God has led me to this opportunity, I also believe that He will help provide my financial needs while I am here doing what He has called me to do.  With that being said, I am believing that God will fully provide but I can not do this with out your help. That being said, donors ARE NOT limited to any amount, but I am trusting that the Lord will meet this need so that I can continue to do what I feel he has called me to do for this season.  All gifts are tax deductible. Not only do I need financial support, but I also appreciate and covet your prayers as well.


Lastly, I will be posting videos and blogs on what God is doing here In South Africa so you can stay updated!


Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers.

Your missionary,

Johnny Frnazen AKA - Tsunami! 

ABOUT The Program

The Missions Experience Program is a 3, 6 or 12 month internship designed to provide the education and real-life experience that is necessary to discover your calling, develop your gifts, and deploy your God-given vision.

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